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Teenage girl dies in sledging accident

February 11, 2009


“A teenage girl has died after suffering serious head injuries when a makeshift sledge crashed in South Yorkshire. Francesca Anobile, 16, of Mosborough, Sheffield, was among five girls hurt in the incident at Rother Valley Country Park, near Killamarsh, on Tuesday. She was airlifted to hospital in Sheffield, where she later died.

South Yorkshire Police described the accident as “a tragic sledging incident”.

The girls had been using an improvised metal sledge, made from an upturned Land Rover roof, which went through a barbed wire fence. It then struck a separate section of fence in a field being used for cattle grazing. Jules McKay, who saw the accident, said: “There were a lot of people on the slope. Everyone was sledging as normal and having a good time. All of a sudden, at a tremendous speed, came this roof with the girls on it. It was so fast they couldn’t jump from it. “We looked on and just hoped that they were going to get up but no one did.”

Police are liaising with park rangers and the Health and Safety Executive in their investigation into the accident. The South Yorkshire force issued a warning about the dangers of playing on snow and ice. A spokesman said: “Police would like to highlight the importance of personal safety during this period of adverse weather and advise everyone to take extra care when playing out in the snow and ice.” Rotherham Council said it had taken steps to prevent people sledging on that particular slope.”

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/7868765.stm

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