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Sectarian chants at Rangers FC

March 10, 2009


Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/rangers/7894854.stm


Rangers have been reported to the Scottish Premier League (SPL) following sectarian chanting heard at the 0-0 draw with Celtic on 15th February. Apparently some sections of the crowd were heard to chant the infamous ‘Famine Song’ (which referred to the famine that killed 1m people in the 1840s and led to a mass migration away from Ireland).


These actions have been condemned by chairmen of both clubs, and fans warned of arrests if they sung the chant. The SPL however are keen to point out that the police made a number of arrests that day for sectarian-motivated offences from supporters of both clubs. (In November 2008, a Rangers fan (Williams Walls) was given two years probation for a breach of the peace (singing the Famine song) and a football banning order)


The SPL has yet to announce if they will take any further action, although it is looking unlikely.

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