TRU Law is Back

October 5, 2015


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This expression is just as appropriate now as it was when coined by – depending on whom you believe – either Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) or Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153).

It seems that despite the best of intentions, our pseudo-journalistic responsibilities have suffered due to our academic duties at our respective universities (just think of the time we would have if we could teach without prepping, evaluate without marking, write without researching, and administrate without pushing paper), our coaching responsibilities (Kris to his gymnastics and trampoline teams and Jon to his kids’ soccer/football and volleyball teams) plus the realities of our work lives (Kris as Associate Professor and coordinator of LLM and PhD programmes at Staffordshire Law and Jon as Associate Dean of Law at Thompson Rivers University).

Whilst our intent has been to offer educational or informational commentary in response to contemporary events in sports law, we haven’t posted as much as we would have liked but hope to remedy the situation by increased vigilance and through posts written by our JD or LLB students.

Momentum has picked up in the sports law programme at Thompson Rivers University with approximately 40 students enrolled in Jon’s Sports Law I course. These ambitious and talented students will be earnestly contributing to the Canary.

We’ll begin with a light hearted but thought provoking post about baseball, followed by a piece entitled “Non-Guaranteed Contracts, Guaranteed Injuries” concerning NFL football and brain injuries, and many more.

With apologies to Arnold Schwarznegger and Terminator fans, we’re back.


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