‘Pukemon’ baseball fan jailed over vomit attack on off-duty police officer

August 3, 2010

criminal law


The Canary reported on 31 May 2010 about the strange case of Matthew Clemmens who pled guilty to charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment for his conduct when he vomited on an off-duty police captain and his 11 year old daughter in the stands during a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game on April 14.

Matthew Clemmens mugshot

After Clemmens’ friend was ejected for spitting, Clemmens was sitting alone behind the victims when he answered his cellphone and allegedly said, ‘I need to do what I need to do. I’m going to get sick’ whereupon he then put his fingers down his throat and puked on Michael Vangelo and his daughter before punching Vangelo four or five times to the face.

Clemmens apologized profusely to Vangelo in court but Common Pleas Court Judge Kevin Dougherty was not impressed. Dougherty J stated that Clemmens had ‘invaded the opportunity to enjoy the American pastime of baseball’ and, as if to impart some judicial baseball wisdom before announcing the sentence said, ‘You struck out.’

Dougherty J sentenced Clemmens to one to three months in jail, two years of probation, 50 hours of community service which he sagely suggested cleaning toilets at Citizens Bank Park, and to pay $315 in restitution – the cost of the Vangelo’s five tickets – which the police captain plans to donate to charity.

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