Boys cut from team, parents sue coaches & league

July 8, 2010

contract, Negligence–parents-sue-gthl-after-sons-cut-by-team

Parents are suing an amateur hockey league, one of its clubs and four coaches for $25,000 because their sons were cut by a team during tryouts in April 2010.

Vito Valela and David Longo are suing on behalf of their sons, Christopher and Daniel respectively. The defendants in the lawsuit are the Greater Toronto Hockey League, the Avalanche Minor Sports Club, and Doriano Pistarelli, Andy Vandenberk, Felice Guglielmi and Peter Posca.

Longo’s restrained statement of claim alleges that, “Their direct actions have caused irreparable psychological damage to Daniel Long’s self esteem as an impressionable teenager and demoralized Daniel as an athlete and team hockey player with his peers. The conduct by all defendants destroyed the dignity of my son ….”

The statement of defence notes that more than 70 players tried out for the 17 available spots on the Avalanche midget junior team.

Give me a break. Getting cut from a team is an inherent risk to competitive team sport. Get over it.

As Marni Soupcoff of the National Post (read article here) so pithily put it, “The only thing that truly threatens to destroy the boy’s self-respect is his parents’ bad example in … [filing] a greedy civil suit out of his failure to attain the goal they seem to so desperately want for him ….”

The suit stands a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding.

This just goes to show that the US doesn’t have a monopoly on vexatious lawsuits and Canada doesn’t have a monopoly on virtue.


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