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Canadian Teenager Awarded $1.37M for Field Hockey Accident

June 30, 2009


Chilliwack, BC

The BC Supreme Court held a school district liable for the negligence of a physical education teacher in allowing a then 13 year old boy to play field hockey.  Midway through his first-ever field hockey class, Devon Hussack was struck by a classmate who inadvertently swung her strick for a shot. 

In awarding a $1.37 million judgment in favour of the plaintiff, the court found the teacher breached his duty of care due to an erroneous assumption that Hussack could safely participate in the activity even though he had missed previous classes about field hockey. 

Should this case go to appeal, it will be interesting to follow the extent to which the court recognizes such collisions or contacts as inherent risks and how it is that the breach materialized when the standard of care is that of a prudent parent.

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