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World Rally Crash (Portugal, April 2009)

June 21, 2009


Source: thanks his team for building a life-saver;

Although Latvala has gone on to compete in several more races since this accident, for those that haven’t see the crash in the Portugal World Rally Championship in April, below are the you-tube videos of the crash (from interior and exterior views). Both the driver (Jari-Matti Latvala) and co-driver (Miikka Anttila) were very lucky boys to walk away unharmed as their car rolled 20 times down a 150m hill before finally coming to rest against a tree.

 Max Mosley (President of the FIA – which governs rally driving) summed up the importance of the safety features installed on rally cars in his comments to that:   “The problem with rallying is that unlike racing circuits we have almost no control over the environment, so we’ve got to try and make the cars as safe as possible. That’s also very useful for road cars, because exactly the same things happen on ordinary roads. We’re learning all the time. We’ve got to the stage now where we can’t point to something and say, ‘that’s an obvious gap in our safety that needs to be filled.’ We’re now in the detailed research. But we’re spending a lot of money and have some talented people working on it, constantly improving safety…..We’ve pretty much left behind the days of the spectacular leap forward – things like the Hans system – but we probably will discover other things. The thing about research is you don’t know what you’re going to discover. But it’s a constant ongoing effort. And that’s what we should be doing.”

On-Board Car Camera:

Exterior Camera:

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