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Gambling addictions start at Kindergarten

March 17, 2009




If Canadian researchers from the Universite de Montreal are to be believed, children rated as impulsive by their kindergarten teacher appear more likely to begin gambling behaviours like playing cards or placing bets before they hit middle school.

Researchers asked Kindergarten teachers for 163 students to complete a questionnaire on their pupils at the beginning of the school year in order to rank the children’s inattentiveness, distractibility and hyperactivity. Six years later, the researchers asked the (now 11yr old) children in telephone interviews how often they participated in gambling-related behaviours such as playing cards or bingo, buying lottery tickets, playing video games or video poker for money or placing bets at sporting events or with friends.

After controlling for factors like family composition, parents’ education and household income, the researchers found an increase of one unit on the impulsivity scale in kindergarten corresponded to a 25 percent increase in gambling involvement by the sixth grade.

The full research study appears in the Archives of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine:

Sorry I’d better go, one of my gymnasts wants me to place a bet for them…….

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Brazilian Boxing match, sorry football championship game!

March 17, 2009




Seven players went sent off after a fight (try mass riot!) was sparked by Rogeiro Pereira’s goal celebration in the Rio Grande do Sul championship between Brasil and Ulbra. The game ultimately finished 5-2 to Ulbra (that’s goals rather than suspensions!), Four Brasil players (Danrlei, Luciano (reserve) Gleidson and Alex Martins) and three Ulbra players (Henry, Juninho (reserve goalkeeper) and Rogerio Pereira) were sent off following the brawl.

The fight broke out after Pereira (an Ulbra player) celebrated in front of the Brasil supporters.

According to Brazilian newspaper, O Globo, Brasil’s goalkeeper Danrlei said that Pereira had made a gesture in his goal celebration imitating Claudio Millar (one of the top players for Brasil who died along with 2 other players and coaches in a bus crash in January) which deliberately provoked the home fans.  Pereira was then attacked by the Brasil players near the corner flag, before footballers, team officials and even the Brasil President (Elder Lopes) joined in the fight.

Pereira denied any intent to offend.

You can see footage of the brawl on Youtube:


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Rollerblading Pensioner guilty

March 17, 2009




Pensioner, Geoffrey Dornan (71, from Ormskirk) has been found guilty of two counts of breaking a council byelaw by skating along the pavement on two occasions in Southport, Merseyside in October 2008.  The byelaw states that: no person shall skate, slide or ride on rollers, skateboards or other self-propelled vehicles in such a manner as to cause danger or annoyance”.


Although this byelaw does not seem to be an absolute prohibition on skating, Sefton MBC brought a case against Mr Dornan at North Sefton Magistates’ Court after he was caught on CCTV rollerblading at ‘an excessive speed’ around the busy shopping centre. Although Mr Dornan denied causing any annoyance or danger to the public, and indeed never made contact with any other pedestrian, the court held that the manner of the skating put pedestrians at risk and exposed them to harm.

A fine of £300 and costs of £1,792 were “suspended” by the Court after Dornan gave notice of an appeal to the Crown Court.

A video of Mr Dornan was quickly made after the court case by several news organisations. What’s interesting about the case is Mr Dornan’s age. Watch the video and see if you would still have the same opinion, if he had been 15yrs old instead of 71?


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