Asian Football

March 12, 2009




The BBC Asian Network reports that Chelsea are looking to target the Asian Community for potential star footballers. Indeed, statistics show that there are only 7 UK-born Asians playing in England’s top four divisions (93 league clubs), with none of these players now in the Premiership. The 7 players are:

  1. Michael Chopra (Cardiff)
  2. Zesh Rehman (QPR, but on loan to Bradford City)
  3. Aman Verma (Leicester City)
  4. Anwar Uddin (Dagenham)
  5. Adnan Ahmed (Port Vale)
  6. Rikki Baines (Macclesfield Town)
  7. Netan Sansara (Walsall)


Bobby Barnes (the assistant chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association) has been quoted as saying: “Chelsea are a business and a very successful football club. I think they have looked at not only the social reason but also looked at the marketing opportunities of this and realised there is a massive football-loving Asian market to be tapped into,” he stated.

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3 Comments on “Asian Football”

  1. Az Says:

    This an exciting opening oppertunity for many talented young indivduals.. How can I get more imformation regarding this as my younger brother is a very talented player and this would be a great oppertunity for him.



  2. zr24 Says:

    There were actually, until the end of the season, eight Asian players with professional contracts…a lot of people overlooked goalkeeper Jasbir Singh, who was given a professional contract at Shrewsbury Town…a lot of the boys r out of contract this summer but hopefully they can kick on with their careers and continue to be the leading lights…


  3. Graham Sprason (@GrahamSprason) Says:

    As much as this is a noble idea and a risk-free venture to explore the asian market for footballing talent I do have some concerns. Primarily, is this not a money making tool? It won’t come as a surprise if clubs open up “Soccer schools” to entice youngsters to play football but they will also be seen wearing the Clubs apparel and will no doubt become fans who will buy the merchandise for years to come ensuring the club will make money on foreign shores. Secondly, in the Asian world football is not big, therefore I can understaand the rush to become the lead player in this niche market but I doubt very much if any talent will prevail from this part of the world as most of the talent we have comes from Europe and South America where football is paramount in a young childs mind.
    A noble cause I feel but ultimatley a money making scheme.


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