Drivers complain over cost of superlicence fee (again!)

January 29, 2009

Health & Safety

** UPDATE: Three Formula One drivers have paid for their race licences, but no names or details as to who these drivers are, or what teams they belong to have been released.

While Max Mosley (President of the FIA – the International Governing Body for the sport) defends the price rise of the licence: “In the present climate, somebody who is earning several million a year and doesn’t want to spend one or two percent of that to get a licence for his trade is not going to get a lot of sympathy,”

The Grand Prix Drivers Association (GDPA) said that “drivers were not opposed to a “reasonable increase”, but did not want their licences to be a “revenue stream” for the FIA…The FIA should raise sufficient funds from the exploitation of its commercial rights,” the statement continued, “As a principle, the drivers should not be taxed to fund the costs of others fulfilling their legal duty to the drivers.”



Grand Prix drivers are complaining again about a minor increase in the cost of their superlicence fee (the licences are mandatory for participation in F1). When the licence fee originally rose in June 2008 in order to cover rising safety costs, a strike was only narrowly averted, this time, the Grand Prix Drivers Association is urging all drivers not to sign or pay for the new licences until the situation has been sorted.

“ understands that correspondence has already been exchanged with the FIA about the matter, and is understood that president Max Mosley said he was willing to discuss the situation, but only if drivers could provide him with details of their earnings so he could judge whether the fee was too high.

With no resolution in sight between the drivers and the FIA, and amid a risk of the situation not getting sorted before teams head to Melbourne for the first race, the matter has now been tabled for discussion at the next meeting of the Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA) that takes place early next month” 


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